Maria Web Solutions is a Canadian based company specializes in WEB design for the Information Age. Revolution means a sudden, radical, or complete change or a basic reorientation. Cascading waves of a new revolution known as “The information Revolution” is reverberating around us. In many ways these changes are unprecedented and its speed is exponential. Staying inactive or ignoring these changes is not an option any more.

In a post Personal Computing era, it seems mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets are surgically attached to billions of people around the world. In the past, it took many years to reach a revolutionary idea to the world, but today, information can reach instantly to billions of people from any corner of the world.

The winners of this game are smart men and women who welcome these changes and have the courage to capitalize on its opportunities. They know that more than one billion active members use FaceBook, and 187 M members use the professional networking site LinkedIn. The power of Social Media created a hyper connected and hyper competitive world. These days for a job, many of us have to compete at a global level. The world of work has changed for ever!

The winners of the Social Media age are smart men and women who are smart enough to take their service or product to the world through the Internet and social media. They use Social Media Marketing, Video Blogs, Interactive Web sites etc. as tools to reach clients.

As a Web designing company, we are determined
to help our clients to be winners of the new age game.


Website Design

Maria Web Solutions offers outstanding website design services to its clients. Whether you are a well-established company or an individual looking to make a mark on the Internet, Maria Web Solutions can provide you cutting edge custom web design services to serve your existing clients better and attract new ones.

Graphic Design

Client satisfaction is our mission. Our expert designers will do any number of changes until the clients feel they are getting what they are looking for. We can send you prototypes any number of times for free of cost until you are happy with the design. When we quote a prize for your work, irrespective of the number of changes, we will be happy to modify the design until our clients are satisfied.

Social Media

If you maintain an active online presence, you would definitely put Facebook on top of your priorities as it contains the most number of online users or consumers who are actively looking for products or businesses to connect with. Setting up the best Facebook Page for your brand is definitely a great investment. A fresh Facebook profile will help you for better interaction with the clients.

Website Maintenance

Maria Web Solutions guarantees 100% satisfactory support to the websites designed and developed by us. If any issues related to design or development will be fixed for free of charge in an emergency fashion. We will provide training for our clients and provide the documentation related to the projects. We guarantee competitive price plans for the maintenance of any work done for our clients.

E-Learning Conversion

Evolutions Rapid e-Learning programs are designed for organizations seeking an affordable online course development solution with a quick turn-around time. We are leading exponents of rapid e-learning, simply provide us with your content and we’ll turn it into an interactive, dynamic and SCORM compliant online course in a week’s time.

Mobile Apps

With the popularity of ubiquitous smart phones and tablets, more and more people are using them for activities such as shopping, banking, reading books etc.Smart phones and tablets obviously don’t have the screen size of a regular monitor or even a mouse and keyboard. These limitations pave the way for innovation in terms of mobile web designs.


Design Layout Print Finish
Letterheads, business cards,
envelopes and stationery , Posters and banners
Brochures,flyers , Booklets and Magazines
Personalized calendars, Promotional items
Trade show items , Business forms, NCR forms


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